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I'm Kyle Binkley. Suicide Date was December 3rd, 2013. If I can make it, so can you. FTM. Transgender. Age: 16. I'm from Wilmington, North Carolina

Suicide - 1-800-273-8255.
Runaway Hotline - 1-800-621-4000
Rape hotline - 1-800-656-HOPE
Drugs&Alcohol - 1-800-527-5344.
~ Stay strong

"Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.
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"I loved you before I ever touched you."
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smoke weed, fine. graffiti, fucking do it man. party at strip clubs, more power to you.

but dont you fucking dare drive while drunk. you could kill someone else or yourself. do whatever you want unless you’re going to fuck up someone elses life.


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it irritates me when i see women put down other women for their preferences in hair and makeup. like if a bitch want to wear a 22 inch malaysian sew in with a contoured face and long eyelashes that is her business!!!!! u hoes kill me with that ‘she so fake. i bet it takes her forever to get ready in the morning’ type bullshit. like look, just because u may not wear much makeup or rock ur real hair, don’t put down the next bitch for doing her thang!!!!! growUp.org

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"he kissed her cheek and then she knew, you could get homesick for people too."
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okay if we’re mutuals u can ask for my

  • snapchat
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • skype
  • kik

this has been a psa thank u

You don’t even have to be a mutual, it’s cool for any of my followers to ask this as long as they aren’t anon.

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Handguns // Scream Goodbye (ft. Soupy of The Wonder Years)
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